Go looking and it won’t take you very long to find there’s something more lurking behind what we usually take for granted.

The ideas that seem to originate inside our head don’t come out of a vacuum. Everything comes from something. We are all products of our own historocultural lineage. Knowledge of the past should inform future decision making.

Tapestry is defined as something to be “used in reference to an intricate or complex combination of things or sequence of events.” While Hyper is used in this instance to be mean massive.

It seeks to trace the lineage of ideas through time. My goal with the Hyper-Tapestry is to connect the past and the future to the present moment. The Hyper-Tapestry seeks to visualize massive combinations of historical sequences.

As we’ve seen in the past century, ideas have the power to both destroy and create. As we progress further into the 21st century, I think it’s an important moment in history to reveal how ideas continue to influence and shape culture.